Download Cheerful !!!

Download this .pdf and you will get Cheerful !!!


Thanks for downloading me!!!

Put me on a stick or just hold me up and any way that makes you feel happy!


share with the world your cheerful giver

Some people say the gift is in the giving.  If Cheerful makes you happy, then pass Cheerful along.  Download Cheerful and then you can nominate your own Cheerful Giver of the Day.  

Did you get a cheerful sticker?


You may have gotten a Cheerful Giver sticker at a number of places, from a number of friends.

If you want more, you can buy, (for a small cost/being passed along to you at cost) 25 more stickers. at our store.  You can make someone's day; a friend, waitress, school teacher, neighbor, someone in need, your goofy sister, or maybe catching someone being kind.

Did you make a cheerful?


You can download a free Cheerful and make one of your own.  Then nominate your own Cheerful!

Isn't the fun of it all to be happy?  To maybe make others happy too?  Cheerful makes me smile.  How about you?

Who's YOUR Cheerful of the Day?


Who is your Cheerful?  Your best friend, mom, brother, neighbor, or someone you see doing good and YOU get the chance to see it in action and recognize good.  YEAH!!! for GOOD!!!