Make Your Own Cheerful!

Click on the big yellow box above and download a  Cheerful, print and make your own Cheerful!  Put Cheerful on a stick or just hold Cheerful up and you are ready to go!

Then nominate your Cheerful Giver.  It might be a grandmother, dad, wife, boyfriend, that you just want to cheer up with a Cheerful.  So be a cheerful giver today and make someone else happy along the way.  The gift is in the giving.

If you feel like hitting the little yellow button below, Cheerful forwards ALL 100% of donations from this site go to support Angels for Action who feed and emotionally support children that live in a pretty tough place.  100% forward.  It's a pay-it-forward kind of thing.  (and it will make you feel really, really good!!!  Trust me.  The gift is in the giving.

Post your video or pics on your favorite social media and share your Cheerful Giver moments with us?  

Cheerful Giver is a non-profit organization  that uses directed contributions/donation to hand out free Cheerful stickers at events to create awareness and spread a little LoVE.  Contact Cheerful if you want a franchise on goodness. 

Future donations will also be used for creating the most awesome Charity Web Portal on the planet (now currently under construction) called Neighbor helping Neighbor. 

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About Us

The Goal


Cheerful's mission is twofold.  First to simply make people smile.  Cheerful even cheers you up in person, just print me out!  You get to express your gratitude to the world, or just to a neighbor, friend or random stranger you see doing a good deed.  Hand a Cheerful sticker to someone and thank them for being a Cheerful Giver.  The world needs more of them.  So let Cheerful help you recognize all the wonderful people that you meet along the way, and remember to Be Kind Always.   The gift is in the giving.  Be Cheerful!  

The longer term goal for Cheerful Giver is to create the most awesome charity portal on the planet, with a “Give a Penny, Take a Penny" approach,  pairing people who can give to those who are in need.

Print a Cheerful today and make someone  smile.  Then you will be doing the planet proud by spreading some LoVE !!! non profit charitable organization

Our History

15 years ago Cheerful was born in the concept of creating a site where someone could go to find help and information.  Then 10 years ago Cheerful, who also likes to be thought of as a ”good egg” was born on paper with 4 pencil strokes. A simple image that makes people ... wait for it ... smile 

It first takes givers to give of their time or money to help others. There are plenty of great charitable organizations that help humanity in your own back yard. 

Hence the “Neighbor helping neighbor” concept that requires an effort like creating the most awesome charity portal on the planet.

The starting point has to come from you to Be Cheerful and figure out how you are going to give of yourself to help others in need of a little cheering up.

Cheerful is currently working out the kinks at a  local, so we can scale  goodness.  Please  stay tuned in to this channel, maybe sign up for the infrequent newsletter that I would send you.

Our Mission


As Cheerful works on perfecting the local model (that can be franchises for free) of neighbor helping neighbor, there is a global need to give and get a smile. As a stepping stone to a better place where we live one another more, Cheerful hopes to spread a little cheer and happiness through a smile. 

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